Five Great Ways to Find Your Next Job

Finding a new job can be stressful. It’s a big decision that will take work and come with decisions that shouldn’t be made lightly. After all, if you have a job now I’m assuming you worked hard to get it. But alas, here you are: on the job hunt. Maybe I can help with five great suggestions to help you find your next career adventure. Let’s get started.

Use your Personal Network

Our Friends. Our Family. We all have people we know and trust in each one of those categories. But when it comes to looking for a new career, for some crazy reason we don’t reach out to them. Why? Maybe it’s stubbornness, the fear of embarrassment, or something else. Whatever it is, use yours. After all, these are the folks that love you the most, so give them the chance to support you. Be honest with them and flat-out ask how they can help.  Share what kind of work you’re passionate about and what skills you can bring. Give them your resume, your contact information and anything else they may need. Who knows, it might just be your wacky Uncle Frank who makes the career connection you’ve been looking for.

Past Bosses, Co-workers or fellow Alumni

Just like your friends and family your previous bosses, co-workers and fellow students are just as likely to lend a hand. They know your skills, your work ethic, and your personality. And they may have untapped networks you haven’t thought about. Give them a call or an email and offer a free coffee. You would do it for them, right? Ask for ideas, or even a referral or an introduction. Do they know who’s hiring? What industries are hot? Networks like these can be an effective kind of arrangement because they’re part recommendation/part insight. You’re connected to each other by business interests and education, but this time you’re the one looking for a new job. In other words, they may not be currently fishing, but they could be very happy to share their favorite fishing holes.

Target Companies you Admire

We all have a mental list of those companies that are always in the news—the name-brands we think are super trendy or super successful. That’s a good list to have. But don’t forget that there are thousands of successful companies near you that simply do great work and give back in a meaningful way. They can be cool too. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to research organizations in your local area and target them in your search. Instead of starting at the job posting and then learning about the company, reverse it. Start with the company and see what jobs they have. It’s easy to find the information you need online. Once you have your list of admired companies, start applying and reaching out. In fact, many companies have ways to sign up for job alerts so you can get first shot when that dream gig opens up. Personally, I like to Google search a company and then hit “News”. Shh. It’s a neat way of reading about a company’s dirtiest secrets or biggest successes.

LinkedIn. Get on it. Use it. No excuses. 

We’ve talked about this before and it’s just as applicable today. LinkedIn is the Facebook of Business. The Instagram of connecting to companies and careers. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, open one. It’s super easy and even fun. After all, you’re writing about your favorite subject: You. At last count, LinkedIn had over 500 million people in its network with 40% of those people using LinkedIn every day. Once on LinkedIn, connect to past co-workers, peers, and people in similar industries or with similar interests as you. Once connected, send a friendly note asking for help in your job search–that’s what LinkedIn is for. Search jobs and watch your contacts for status updates and other ways to connect using LinkedIn’s Keep in Touch tab. But like with any social media, be cool. Don’t stalk, don’t over-post and remember that whatever you do, no cat videos.

Get Recharged. 

Before you start looking for a new job, ask yourself: Do I really need a new job? Sometimes the ache for a new job can be cured by just recharging your current one. Take some time and ask yourself what is it about your current job that’s not working? Are you overworked, or is there a lack of work? Is it your co-workers, your boss? Simply put, before you throw in the towel consider if there’s anything you can do to change things for the better. A long vacation. A long weekend. A sit-down with your supervisor. Or even a lunch with that one guy/gal that bugs you. If it is the work, try reading about your industry and looking for innovative ideas that don’t just help you, but help the business. After all, the cure for a job you’re no longer thrilled with just might be a promotion.

Get Started. 

Today’s red-hot job market can seem daunting. It can feel like you’re a goldfish in an ocean of possibilities. But I want you to treat looking for a job like a job. Get creative and realize you have many more ways of finding that next great job than simply clicking Apply on job boards. So, get started. Unplug the Xbox and turn off your Netflix and use these ideas to increase your chances of moving from Goldfish to Great White. 

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