7 College Majors That Are a Great Fit for Lewis Jobs

Since the 1950s, the Lewis Group of Companies has maintained a well-deserved reputation for excellence in real estate development. A key ingredient in our ongoing success is the recruitment of dedicated, skilled professionals who love what they do. These professionals come from various college and trade school backgrounds. And each area of expertise helps contribute in unique ways. If you’re looking for a great place to work, these seven college majors generally make an excellent fit for Lewis jobs.

1) Masters in Real Estate Development

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Lewis develops communities where families live and thrive. And people who earn a Masters in Real Estate Development (MRED) gain a comprehensive understanding of how that land and those communities are developed. In turn, this understanding allows them to handle a broad range of tasks and project responsibilities. The core MRED skill areas include:

Market analysis
Project management
Site planning
Deal structuring and finance
The governmental approval process

Someone possessing these skills is well-equipped to work in the Lewis Group of Companies’ multifaceted job environment.

2) Civil Engineering (Land Development)

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Land development engineers play a vital role in the successful completion of real estate projects. Mastery of this work requires training in a variety of disciplines. That’s true because engineering-related responsibilities affect so many aspects of the development process. So, from initial planning, surveying and mapping to traffic layouts and landscape architecture, well-trained Lewis engineers tackle it all.

3) Finance (With a Real Estate-Related Focus)

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Finance college majors are sometimes overlooked in both residential and commercial real estate. However, they make essential contributions to projects of all sizes. A real estate-centered finance background can prepare you for important jobs such as:

Portfolio management
Property management
Brokerage and leasing
Real estate analysis/appraisal
Investment analysis

4) Marketing

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Marketing is a crucial skill for any company that hopes to attract customers. After all, no one will come knocking if they don’t know what your business offers. That’s certainly the case at Lewis Group of Companies. Part of our marketing effort centers on the promotion of our planned communities and retail centers. We also focus on the marketing of our property management capabilities. Certainly, degree holders prepared to work in any of these areas will find their skills in demand.

5) Business Administration

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All business administration college majors develop a skill set designed to keep businesses functioning smoothly. Acquired abilities include everything from human resources and marketing to accounting, finance, and daily operations. In the real estate field, business administration helps guide the sound practice of sales, property management, and project development. Therefore, it provides the overview required to help ensure short- and long-term profitability. These abilities make a great fit for the Lewis team.

6) Hospitality

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Hospitality management (also sometimes known as hotel management) addresses the customer-focused side of the real estate world. People who earn degrees in this field possess the basic skills needed for a career in sales and customer service. They also possess the skills needed for a career in property management. It’s all about People, after all. And Hospitality majors not only understand that, but they graduate from programs well-suited for a range of careers at Lewis.

7) Trade Schools

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Graduates of trade schools possess many skills that Lewis Group of Companies relies on for its residential maintenance operations. For example, specific in-demand trade professionals include electricians, plumbers, and HVAC specialists. People who work in these areas can apply, develop and grow their skills at any one of our many residential and commercial properties.

Your Future at Lewis Group of Companies

So, are you a student or soon-to-be student at the crossroads of life? Choosing a college major is often a difficult process that can be daunting even for the most motivated and decisive people. Certainly, Lewis Group of Companies covers a wide range of fields that cater to a vast array of people. We hope to work with you one day!