Benefits of a Community Receptionist Career at Lewis

Stuck in a bland entry to mid-level customer service or retail job? It may be time to rethink that career, especially since the job market is expected to grow by 4% in the coming years.

One career which could fit is the Community Receptionist position at Lewis Apartment Communities. No matter the industry, receptionists will always be a crucial part of a great team and a great community. They can handle many tasks at the same time. Business communication and managing schedules are only a part of what they do.

Few businesses understand the part Receptionists play in the sales process. After all, if you walk into a store and the first person that greets you is uninterested, disagreeable, or distracted, the chances you will buy something or visit that store again are low. respect that, though, and tend to overwork their receptionists. As a result, their skills go undervalued.

Here at Lewis, we recognize the value of a good work ethic and the important part a Receptionist plays in renting families their new home. Our core values have been quality and integrity for 60 years. We know how important it is to nurture the skills you have, no matter the job.

Working as a community receptionist for Lewis will offer plenty of benefits. These benefits will improve not only your working career but also your personal life. Lewis provides plenty of opportunities to move forward with your career by providing training from the best of the best.

Read on to find out how you can work with us as a community receptionist.

What Does a Receptionist Do?

Everyone has an idea of what a receptionist does. They’re the friendly faces we see when we walk into the office. They’re also always ready to help with a kind word and a smile.

That’s only part of what a community receptionist does. Receptionists handle a lot more work behind the scenes. That’s what makes them so valuable to a business.

  • As a receptionist, it is essential to keep up a positive attitude throughout the day. Professional greetings are required at the front desk for any residents that may come through. It would be your job to give them the best customer service, should they have any questions.

  • Throughout the day, you’d have to handle front desk administration and correspondence. This can come in the form of emails, phone calls, or visits from Lewis community residents.

  • Additionally, you would have to interact with our team of Lewis Leasing Consultants, Maintenance staff, and Community Managers. This is important to get information across to various people in the teams.

Receptionists are valuable during community projects and resident events. You would be available to assist and ensure that the events run smoothly, and everyone has a great time.

Benefits of a Community Receptionist Job

Depending on the company, community receptionist benefits may differ. Here at Lewis, we make sure to take care of our employees.

That includes you.

A Community Receptionist’s salary would start you off at $20.00 per hour. It’s a competitive salary for an entry-level role that could absolutely lead to career growth and more pay. In fact, most Lewis Community Receptionists move on to become Community Administrators, Leasing Consultants, or Leasing Administrators.

To add to that, you’ll receive:

  • Annual bonuses on top of a 401k plan, and a variety of medical and dental benefits for you to chose from.

  • Another big perk is your outfits. You’ll get a $650 gift card for you to purchase your work attire. We’ll give you a Lewis “Look Book” which will help you visit your favoirte retailer and pick out the best looks for You.

  • We make sure to keep our employees happy. You get guaranteed vacation time, paid holidays, continued training, advancement potential, and more.

  • Quality of work is very important to us. By accepting a job at Lewis, you get to interact with plenty of professionals.

They’ll be more than happy to encourage and give advice. We also provide training courses that are dedicated to further improving your skills.

Being a receptionist is a fantastic way to start your path to success.

Qualities of a Good Receptionist

Community receptionist careers help you develop skills that you can use in everyday life. One example would be the growth in your interpersonal skills.

These interpersonal skills are vital in helping you communicate and interact with people. After all, you won’t be talking to the residents only, you’d also be communicating with your coworkers and Lewis business partners.

It takes skill to remain upbeat throughout the day. There are times when the job gets stressful. So, remaining positive will not only bring your mood up, but it will also help others stay in a good mood. Everyone appreciates a level-headed attitude and good communication skills.

Dependability and consistency are also good qualities to have. When you show residents that they can rely on you, you help build trust.

Another helpful quality is being organized. Having information on hand would be useful, especially when multi-tasking. Being organized will help make your job easier and create a neat atmosphere for those around you.

You don’t have to be super tech-savvy to become a receptionist but it does help to have some technical skills. What’s important is that you’re willing to learn. After all, every work environment has its differences in technology and software.

Would I Make a Good Receptionist?

If you’re friendly and easy to talk to, then this job is a great fit for you. Receptionists are well known for having high levels of emotional intelligence.

No matter the situation, you can remain calm, patient, and understanding. After all, it’s not a guarantee that all interactions would go well.

  • Personality traits such as being detail-oriented and organized are excellent for receptionists. You’d be able to spot mistakes quickly and make changes as needed.

  • Being able to step up and take action are signs of quick thinking skills that are also required in this line of work. Not only that but it shows that you are responsible.

  • Having experience in the customer service industry can help you with your career. It would be great if you had previous experience working as a receptionist, or some other retail work in a sales/customer service or hospitality environment.

  • Having basic computer skills, as you can imagine, is also something that will prepare you for success since you will use a computer, email and software daily in your new career.

Our hiring process here at Lewis is quick and easy. If we find that you’re a good fit for the job, you’ll be hearing a call from us soon enough.

Should you have any questions, all you need to do is click here for an overview of our hiring process and other FAQ.

Apply Now and Become a Full-Time Community Receptionist

Does being a Community Receptionist with all its opportunities appeal to you? Did you relate to the skills and qualities mentioned above?

If so, now would be a great time to compile a receptionist resume and send it through. The benefits offered by Lewis are something special and the work environment will make you feel like you’re among friends.

There’s no better time than now. Check out the various open positions here at Lewis and apply to become a receptionist.