Phuong Nguyen Lewis Careers Highlight
This month we’re highlighting Homecoming at Creekside’s Business Manager Phuong Nguyen. His high level of motivation, dedication to resident’s needs, and ability to constantly set an example for the team earned him a well-deserved promotion this past month. Read more below to learn about his time with Lewis and what keeps him busy outside of the office.
Phuong Nguyen on a marathon event

What do you do at Lewis and what does a typical day look like?

Phuong: I recently was blessed with a promotion to Business Manager at Homecoming at Creekside. I mainly handle our community’s rents and accounting items, but you can catch me occasionally jumping on the Leasing floor to help. My typical day always starts with a nice cup of coffee and then lining up the team to make sure they know that their day looks like. I’m the designated DJ for our office so I get the responsibility of playing the right jams to pump everyone up for an awesome workday.


What has your career path looked like?

Phuong: I started with Lewis back in 2017 as the receptionist for Homecoming at Creekside. I worked really hard to absorb all that I could about Lewis and property management. Soon after, I was promoted to the Community Administrator where I further developed my skills. After mastering my role as the Community Administrator, I became the Assistant Community Director at Carmel at Woodcreek West. That was a completely different playing field—I had to manage sales on top of everything I did as the Community Admin. It was a wholesome experience, though, as it ultimately prepared me to come back as the Business Manager for Homecoming at Creekside.

Phuong Nguyen: Business Manager at Homecoming at Creekside
Phuong Nguyen with friends

What drew you to working at Lewis?

Phuong: At first it was the work dynamic. Having an awesome team who work well together and understand each other is the most important thing for me at any job. Everyone I had the pleasure of working with have become part my work family and it feels really great knowing those people are my support system. The other thing that drew me to Lewis was Goldy’s emphasis on customer service. Seeing a company who truly supported that was really nice to see.

How do you stay busy outside of the office?

Phuong: I firmly believe in self-care and doing whatever it is that provides you that mental clarity. Everyone who works for Lewis knows that our day-to-day can be demanding. Some of the things I like to do outside of the office include hiking, finding new places to explore, going on walks, training for marathons, grabbing a nice book and going to a coffee shop to read, and eating! I am a big foodie so trying out new foods is probably my main thing.


Any interesting hobbies?

Phuong: I used to be kind of a piano prodigy… LOL. My parents were determined for me to become a doctor, so I had set out to be something that way out of the medical field. I picked up playing piano and started mimicking the keys after watching YouTube videos. I learned how to play many songs by the time I was 11, but I’ve stopped playing since then.

Any achievements outside of the office that you’re particularly proud of?

Phuong: July of 2016 was when I ran my first half-marathon! It was a very fulfilling day for me. Did not think I had it in me to run 13 miles straight.
Phuong Nguyen at finish line

Next time you need a music playlist, especially something to get you pumped to run 13 miles straight, be sure to reach out to Phuong!  As always, feel free to email if there’s anyone you’d like to see in an upcoming blog.