Get to know Michelle Huerta, Assistant Community Director at Linden Court! Learn more about Michelle’s role, how she began at Lewis, and how she continues to grow her career.
Michelle Huerta

How did you start at Lewis?

Michelle: I started with Lewis Apartment Communities in 2021 as a Leasing Consultant at Rosewood Apartments in Redlands. I have had the awesome opportunity to work with some amazing people that have helped me learn sales, communication, and procedural skills that essentially led up to my promotion as Linden Court’s new Assistant Community Director. I grew up in the Inland Empire where I have spent my life between Upland and Rancho Cucamonga.


What do you do at Lewis/what does your role entail?

Michelle: I have been newly promoted to Assistant Community Director at Linden Court. In my role, I am responsible for: 

  • Assisting in the management of the Maintenance, and Groundskeeping staff. 
  • Budgets, reports & bookkeeping 
  • Assisting in the hiring, motivation, monitoring, and rewarding of employees
  • Reports, managing vendor files, variances, occupancy, etc.
  • Ensuring and promoting consistent resident satisfaction
Linden Court

What is your favorite part of your job?

Michelle: My favorite part of the job is creating a fun and inviting culture for not only my team but also my residents and future residents. I find being able to build a solid foundation with people will help in communicating effectively.


Who has inspired your career path most?

Michelle: Honestly, it has been each and every one of us that works for Lewis Management Corp. I have met some amazing people who have not been shy in lending a helping hand when needed or sharing tips and tricks of the trade. I have learned in order to live a successful and fulfilling life, one should surround themselves with people who have the same beliefs and values. To date, my peers and colleagues have not fell short! They continue to unknowingly inspire by the drive and determination they have each day.


What is one professional skill you’ve nailed?

Michelle: Customer service and communication. Because of my hospitality background and years of practice, being the point of contact for difficult customers I am very confident that I am able to talk down the situation and offer solutions to their problem.


What values guide your career path?

Michelle: Accountability, communication, and equanimity.

Living Room

What’s your most memorable work story?

Michelle: My most memorable work story has to do with one of my new residents. After assisting them with securing a home within our community they opened up to me about how difficult their search has been for the last few months. They went on to tell me that the market has been very difficult but they were very happy to come across our community. Not only due to the homes but also the staff. My resident stated that every person they  interacted with has been so helpful and made them feel valued. The sweetest part of the story is that during the walkthrough they invited me and my team to their home christening.


What are the biggest challenges in your role?

Michelle: The biggest challenges in my role currently are handling post-COVID delinquencies and establishing myself as the new Assistant Community Director with my senior residents.


What’s your proudest work achievement?

Michelle: My proudest work achievement has been my promotion.


How do you keep your team motivated?

Michelle: I keep my team motivated by always thanking them for their work, treating them to lunch, coffee, & inviting them to bowl/mini golf/arcade on our days off.

Linden Court

What makes a great leader?

Michelle: Leaders choose to go first into danger, headfirst toward the unknown. To put their own interests aside to protect and pull their team into the future.


Any favorite resident interactions?

Michelle: My top tier favorite resident interactions are meeting residents during our quarterly events & of course when I get to meet their pets. Hehe.

Lewis is in great hands with Michelle on the team! If you’d like to learn more, feel free to email If you are interested in a career with Lewis, visit