Night Service Manager - Chris Najar

Chris Najar is an Assistant Manager of Night Service Personnel. In his 10+ years with the company, he has made his mark at nearly every property in the Southern California portfolio.

Beyond leaving an impression with hundreds of residents, we were thrilled to learn that outside of work he is a talented painter.

Read below to learn more on how he got started and how he has taken his talent to the next level.


What do you do at Lewis and what does a typical day look like?

Chris: A typical workday starts early, responding to emails and ensuring communication is relayed from our Night Service Managers to Community Directors, Maintenance Supervisors amongst other staff.  Later in the evening, I work closely with my team of Night Service Managers. Mentoring and motivating the team, while ensuring nightly activities and policies are being enforced. Reading Nightly Reports and assisting with training and employee growth.


What has your career path looked like?

Chris: I started with Lewis in 2002. I joined the company as a groundskeeper at Terra Vista 550.  I then started training in Maintenance before accepting the position of Night Service Manager.  As an “NSM” I worked at every property in Southern California at one time or another.  I gained priceless experience throughout the years.  I completed all Lewis Learning Training and continued to grow and develop skills through Company access programs such as LinkedIn Learning and Franklin Covey.  In 2020 I was promoted to Assistant Manager of Night Service Personnel.  I look forward to continuing to grow with the Company.


What drew you to working at Lewis?

Chris: My late father worked for Lewis for some time and always told me how good of a Company it is.  He would constantly “brag” about the new properties being built and other land development.  Always looking up to him, I took his word and instantly found out what originally drew him to the Company.  The Lewis family was welcoming, and I fell in love with the atmosphere.


How do you stay busy outside of the office?

Chris: When I’m not traveling, attending a UFC event or LA Rams game I enjoy being an Artist.  Self-taught, I paint in acrylic and I enjoy painting portraits.  I like to switch up styles and challenge myself.  The portraits I enjoy painting the most are of people who left behind a legacy or had some positive impact.  I primarily paint on canvas but love challenges and painting on other objects such as denim jackets, boxing gloves and sneakers.  A goal is to continue to paint and grow as an artist. 

Chris Najar Painting

How did you get started with painting?

Chris: I have always been drawn to art.  Since I can remember I always appreciated it.  From sketching and doodling, I would always throw anything I drew away.  Friends would say “That’s pretty good” but I didn’t take it serious at all.  Then a trip to the beach in 2009 changed it.  I had seen an art piece that really inspired me, and I said, “I can do that”.  That day I bought my first canvas and paint supplies.  Although I have taken “breaks” that last years, I been doing some kind of art since then.

Chris Najar Painting 2

Any favorite moments?

Chris: I have been lucky enough to have art pieces in a memorial museum, join art shows with well-known artists, but my absolute favorite moments are drawing at home with my daughters. We contribute to a joint sketch book or do some other paint crafting.  Definitely the favorite moments!

Be sure to follow Chris on Instagram to see more artwork!

Chris Najar Painting 3