Employee Spotlight, Donta Abron

Tell us about your role?

Donta: I complete service requests for residents, anything that they need fixed. I also help getting units ready for new residents, and generally just maintain the property. My favorite part of the job is the interactions and conversations I have with our residents.

Donta doing service requests for residents

What were you doing before you were a Maintenance Technician?

Donta: Before Lewis, I was predominantly doing warehouse work. What attracted me to Lewis was the fast opportunities for growth. This is something that I’ve seen firsthand, in less than a year, I’ve been promoted three times. The onboarding process, the training department, the maintenance classes, and especially the onsite support from my team, have all played a role in my growth and development.

How do you stay busy outside of work?

Donta: My boys keep me busy, you can often find us at the park playing tag. I also like to walk or run in my free time, and one of my favorite activities is hiking. One of my favorite spots is the Claremont Loop.
Donta fixing a bathroom rail

Favorite work moments or stories?

Donta: The thing I enjoy most about the job is the interactions that I have with residents. In addition to the satisfaction of repairing something, it’s the kind words from residents, the appreciation that’s more than I expected, those moments are what I keep going back to. I received an award for Rookie of the Year a few weeks ago – I was excited and overwhelmed a little bit, I can’t recall a time that I received that kind of recognition in such a short time. It was appreciated, but also a moment that made me take a step back and realize, yes I have been putting in the work, and there are people that are watching and see what I’m doing.
Donta fixing a wall socket