The Cycling Guru

Kevin Johnson riding a bike.

Kevin Johnson is in the Lewis Careers Employee Spotlight! He started as a Groundskeeper at Jamboree Apartments in 2009 and is now a Mail Clerk for Lewis Group of Companies at the SoCal Corporate Office in Upland, CA. When he’s not working, he dedicates his time to cycling.

Developing Multifaceted, Compelling Employees

Kevin Johnson is a prime example of a well-rounded employee who is passionate about delivering to his colleagues through his work, cycling in competitive races, and giving back to important causes, such as the development of a cure for diabetes.

At Lewis, our multifaceted employees are passionate about what they do and how they serve the community, making a work environment that is vibrant, productive, and fulfilling.

Q & A

Kevin Johnson at the LA Circuit race.

Kevin at his most memorable race, the LA Circuit Race.

What do you like the most about your current position?

The mail room is like one small department that caters to every department here at Corporate. I like the customer service aspect of my position; I like meeting our customers’ expectations.

What is your most memorable moment here at Lewis?

It was the first time that I did the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure two years ago in May. I wanted to combine cycling with raising funds towards diabetes research in order to benefit my brother, who has type 1 diabetes. We raised nearly $1000 in donations to the foundation just from here at Lewis. I didn’t expect to raise more than a couple hundred dollars but at the end of the day, I raised about $1200-1300 in total. 

How did you begin cycling?

It was completely by chance. I saw one of my friends in Fontana riding over to see another of my friends. We talked, and he told me to take his bike for a spin. It was exhilarating! It was a bike, but it was different. It felt like a sports car. Two years later, I bought my first bike.

What kind of races do you participate in?

They’re called criteriums, or “crit” races. They’re timed events on a closed off course. The time varies depending on your experience level ranging from professional to amateur. Most of the races I participate in last thirty minutes and cover about twelve miles.

Which race has been your most memorable race?

Probably the LA Circuit Race, a race I did last year. It was my first race in which I upgraded from Category 5 to Category 4. It was an hour-long race, which I wasn’t expecting. I went into the race preparing for a thirty-minute long race. Instead, we covered about twenty-five or twenty-six miles. You don’t slow down; you’re constantly trying to go, go, go. I wasn’t prepared for the course, but I finished in sixth place! It was a good, exciting race.

This infographic outlines a few facts about Kevin:

Infographic about Kevin Johnson.

Way to go, Kevin! We are proud to have you as a colleague at the Lewis Group of Companies — keep up the amazing accomplishments on and off the course!

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