Employee Spotlight - Ron Rusk
Read below to learn more about Ron Rusk, IT Applications Analyst with Lewis since 2022.

What is your role at Lewis and what do you do?

Ron: IT Applications Analyst:

  • I provide support services for ERP apps like TM1, QuickBooks, Crystal Reports, JDE, Access & Excel among others.
  • My typical day consists of transforming or extracting data from one of our many ERP apps and distributing that data to select accounting teams.
  • I also help manage and execute IT projects that span across multiple functional teams at Lewis.
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What do you enjoy most about your role?

Ron: I enjoy working with other team members and departments to assist with the development of solutions to solve Lewis’s business challenges.

To me, working with team members across multiple disciplines to achieve a shared goal is always exciting.

However, my greatest joy is seeing a project come to completion and its positive impact on the business.

In general, being able to use technology to impact a company positively has always motivated me in my IT career.

I have been entrusted with this type of role here at Lewis and am happy and joyful about it.

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What were you doing before Lewis?

Ron: I was an IT Compliance Manager for Dimic Steel Tech, a small metal fabrication company in the Aerospace arena.
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How do you stay busy outside of work?

Ron: I stay busy outside of work by being outside. I love the great outdoors. With Summer around the corner, we are gearing up for camping, hiking, mountain biking, and water sports.
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Any interesting facts or stories?

Ron: I am a proud Dad with two sons and a wonderful partner. I am also an animal lover, and have two cats and a dog (who thinks he is a cat).
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Email ron.rusk@lewismc.com directly to learn more about local hikes.