Lewis Careers Staff

Do you ever feel stuck in a job that you don’t enjoy? Do you wish you had an opportunity to work somewhere that empowered you? What about a place that gave you the training and resources to grow?

Property Management is a growing field that has incredible potential. Your career can take off in a new direction at Lewis Group of Companies. There are all types of entry-level jobs in Property Management that could be a perfect fit for you.

Plus, Lewis makes sure their entry-level jobs all come with growth potential!

Read on to find out about all of the opportunities for you to take charge of your own future at Lewis.

Types of Entry-Level Jobs

Why is a Property Management job so open to opportunity? Today, many people prefer renting over owning. In fact, 77% of people prefer to rent over owning their own homes.

This is a golden opportunity for you to get into entry-level careers that matter—with advancement in real estate. The best entry-level jobs are the ones that help you succeed and give you opportunities for the future.

Through your current experience, skills and education, there are many different entry-level jobs at Lewis that can jump-start your career. Here are a few ways to leverage your skills:

Hands-on Skills & Entry-Level Careers

The same principles apply to entry-level workers looking to grow into skilled tradespeople. Our future Maintenance Technicians, Plumbers, electricians, and appliance experts are many times are current entry-level Groundskeepers who want to learn and grow. And if you add any previous hands-on experience in property maintenance and repairs, or things like drywall repair, that sets up someone for the potential of a long career at Lewis.

Don’t have a little experience in the trades? Consider starting as a Community Groundskeeper/Porter. Your great attitude, teamwork and eye for detail are what make Lewis communities so attractive. And with our promote-from-within Lewis culture, the opportunities for growth are yours to make.

A Passion for Hiring From Within

Lewis has always had a passion for hiring from within. This provides opportunities for education and growth—no matter where you start!

Lewis invests in each employee through various training and benefits. They offer free training courses, hands-on sessions, expert-led forums, and lectures to all of their team members. You could learn a new trade, grow in your technical skills or sharpen your newly-acquired skills!

Whether you’re interested in growing your career or learning new skills for your current job, Lewis has robust training for every type of role!

The Hiring Process

The hiring process at Lewis is simple and straightforward. First, take a look at the Open Positions that interest you and apply online. Lewis will contact you with the next steps to begin the process.

Interviews will often take place online, on the phone, or in person. This makes it easy to adapt to your schedule. You may also take some different assessments depending on the position you are applying for. To help you prepare for your interview, we’ve compiled our best tips for you here.

Once you have accepted a Lewis career and completed your new-hire process, your Onboarding will begin. This includes:

  • A first-day meeting with our Recruiting team to complete some last documents
  • Moving on to meet your new supervisor and new team, and begin your training.
  • You will also be invited to an informative and fun orientation led by our knowledgeable and engaging Lewis Training and Development staff.

Together, it makes for an exciting first day, followed by immersive weeks and months.

Soft Skills Needed for Entry-Level Jobs

Great communication and social skills are key for those looking to grow their careers. Since many of the careers at Lewis involve meeting new clients, it is important that you enjoy working with others.

Here are a few other skills that are important for a Lewis career:

Sales Skills

Many of the roles at Lewis involve selling apartment and home lifestyles to prospective residents. Sales backgrounds are also encouraged. Part of sales is the art of closing the deal, so top performers are bold, confident, and love selling.

Listening Skills

Listening is important for any job. You need to listen to what’s important for your department, potential residents, and co-workers. Actively listening to the needs of the customer can bring valuable information to the table.

Time-Management Skills

For all entry-level jobs, you’ll need to have great time-management skills. Whether you’re setting up appointments, meeting with clients, conducting tours or answering questions, these skills are essential for a successful career.

Communication and Social Skills

At Lewis, you’re working with people most of the day. With emails, phone calls, meetings, and in-person interactions, It’s crucial you have great social and communication skills.

You must build strong connections in a short amount of time. It’s important you know how to make current and potential clients feel comfortable.

Attention to Details

For many Lewis jobs, you’ll deal with financial transactions, client issues, and even the legal language of leases. You need good focus and attention to all the small details. Although you’re multitasking, you can’t let the small details slip through the cracks.

If you have an eye for detail and bring enthusiasm to your role, you are guaranteed success!

Growth at Lewis

These types of entry-level careers are just the beginning for you. An entry-level job at Lewis is not a fixed position, but rather a launching pad that can help you take your career in a new direction.

Now is the time for you to find that new path, put yourself first, and work with a company that believes in you, too!

Explore our Open Positions page to find a career that interests you and your skills. Let Lewis empower you to a new life today!