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Do you want a job that makes a difference? One you love that offers great wages, earns you sales commissions, has potential for growth and offers a team environment?

It’s time to consider becoming a Leasing Consultant! Almost half of California households are renters. Even in a bad housing market, good leasing consultants are in demand.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get hired as a Lewis Leasing Consultant, keep reading our leasing consultant guide for everything you need to know!

What Is a Leasing Consultant?

A leasing consultant is one of the top five careers in the property management field. Before applying for a leasing consultant position, make sure you’re a good fit for the job.

A leasing consultant builds a high-quality community by fostering relationships with current residents while bringing in excellent new residents. There are three core roles for a Lewis Leasing Consultant.

  • Work with potential residents
  • Sign on new residents
  • Relationship building with current residents

Working with potential residents requires knowledge of the properties, amenities, and leases. The leasing consultant schedules appointments with a prospective resident to shoRelationship building with current residentsw her around the property.

When the potential resident is ready to sign a lease, the leasing consultant walks him through the application process. You’ll also inform the client of any necessary fees.

Every potential resident needs a credit review before committing to a rental contract. As a leasing consultant, it’s crucial you understand all the leases so you can address any questions a client has.

Once a prospective resident becomes an actual resident, your job doesn’t end there. As a leasing consultant, you’ll handle maintenance requests and schedule appointments for regular and emergency maintenance.

You’ll also deal with unusual issues such as a resident subletting his apartment against the lease. You’ll communicate violations and find solutions to any problems.

When residents renew leases, you’ll make sure they understand any changes or updates to the lease agreement.

Educational Requirements

There’s no specific degree necessary to apply for a Leasing Consultant job. Like many careers, it can help to have a bachelor’s degree, but a Sales career is still a career where someone can earn a great living without a four-year college degree. If you’re already going to school, consider a degree in business or real estate.

A degree offers more flexibility down the road if you want to move into a different position in the real estate field. A leasing consultant salary is competitive, but a degree never hurts.

Sales and marketing classes are also helpful if your interests lie in real estate. You can also take real estate classes for a better understanding of property law, leases, and financing.

Certification laws vary by state. If you’re serious about a leasing consultant position, the National Apartment Association offers a certificate program. It’s the Certified Apartment Leasing Professional credential.

The program requires six months of property management experience in a leasing role. You can get a provisional certificate that allows you to take the course while getting your experience.

What Makes a Great Lewis Leasing Consultant?

Good communication and social skills are key for people in leasing consultant jobs. Since you’ll face clients on a daily basis, it’s important that you enjoy working with people and being a huge part of the sales process.

There are a few other skills that are important if you want a job as a leasing consultant.

Sales Skills

In the role of leasing consultant, you’re selling the apartment lifestyle to prospective residents. It helps to have a background of work in sales. Part of sales is the art of closing the deal, so top performers are bold and confident and enjoy selling.

Listening Skills

Listening is important in any sales position. You need to listen to what’s important to your potential residents. That way you can show each resident how the apartment meets her needs. After all, when you actively listen to your customer, they are often describing what they want. A good salesperson uses that information to help their customer.

Time-Management Skills

You’ll set up appointments, meet with clients, conduct tours, and answer questions. You’ll also meet to sign leases and discuss move-in processes and dates. Good time-management skills are essential to the job.

Time-management skills include an ability to multitask. If you’re used to winging it with policies or your schedule, a lease consultant position may not be a good fit.

Communication and Social Skills

As a Lewis Leasing Consultant, you’re working with people most of the day. It’s crucial you have great social and communication skills. You can’t assume people know what you mean.

You must build strong connections in a short amount of time. It’s important you know how to make clients feel comfortable.

Social skills are especially important on the occasions you’re dealing with difficult residents. If a resident violates his lease, you’ll have to deal with the issue in a tactful manner. Losing your temper at the drop of a hat isn’t a good quality when you’re a leasing consultant.

Attention to Details

In a leasing consultant position, you’ll deal with financial transactions, client issues, and the legal language of leases. You need good focus and attention to all the small details. Although you’re multitasking, you can’t let the small details slip through the cracks.

Applying for a Lewis Leasing Consultant Job

Applying for a leasing consultant job isn’t hard and has many benefits.

After filling out the application, you’ll move quickly through the process. You’ll get an email, text, or phone call informing you of the next steps. You can sign into the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to see your application status.

Your first interview is by video, phone, or face-to-face with the recruiting team. Leasing consultant interview questions are like other interview questions. Be as open and honest as possible about your sales experience and qualifications.

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Become a Lewis Leasing Consultant

Are you looking for an exciting, challenging career in a vibrant industry? Consider a leasing consultant position. It’s a challenging and rewarding real estate industry job.

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