The Lewis Group of Companies has a longstanding history of local philanthropy geared towards community building in the Inland Empire. As Executive Vice President Randall Lewis says, “when you are successful in a community, you have an obligation to give back.” 

To honor that core tenet, Lewis recently launched a micro-philanthropy campaign. Through the campaign, teams or employees can select an organization, cause, or individual they find impactful, meaningful, or have personal ties to and Lewis will contribute on their behalf. The campaign is built on the core pillars of targeting local organizations, building relationships to serve the greater population, and creating value through experience while upholding tradition of engaging with the community.

Lupus LA

Raven Lexime, Assistant General Manager at Homecoming at the Preserve, nominated Lupus LA because it’s an organization that’s been near and dear to her as she’s navigated personal challenges.

Raven Lexime

“My connection to Lupus LA originated from a flyer I received for a meet-and-greet for Orange County, shortly after I started my position here at Lewis over 5 years ago. The meeting was great in the sense that I was able to sit in and listen to specialists, doctors, and other patients who needed resources and more information about the disease.”

Established in 2000, Lupus LA is a non-profit health organization dedicated to supporting the lupus community. Roughly 1.5 million people are diagnosed with lupus in the US, 60,000 of those being residents of Los Angeles County. 

Some of the many services they offer include:

  • An emergency grant program for immediate relief
  • In-person support groups
  • Treatment and doctor referrals/li>
  • Patient conferences

Their impact has been immeasurable in the greater community as they have been strong advocates for the patient population working towards better healthcare policy, improved access to treatment, and more equitable prescription pricing regulations.

Susan Bazarsky who oversees the development, management, finances, and staff of Lupus LA served as a great resource in educating our team on the work of Lupus LA.


“Even though our operating budget has decreased as a result of canceled events and downsizing brought about by COVID- 19, Lupus LA continues to provide services that uphold our three core values: supporting medical research and local fellowships, providing patient services, and promoting awareness and advocacy.”

Through Susan, we are confident that the donation will fulfill Raven’s wish to improve lives for others in a position like herself.

Raven Lexime

“My hopes are that this donation presented on my behalf from Lewis Management Corp will help Lupus LA continue its work by providing education and resources for warriors like myself who live or care for someone with this disease. Thank you, Lewis Management Corp, for this wonderful campaign and Lupus LA for the hard work, grace, and support you give to so many.”

Be sure to check out the podcast to hear from Raven directly on her journey:

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