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Are you interested in making a career change that has a lot of potential for growth? Do you want a job that’s always in demand and utilizes some of your best skills? Are you the kind of person that takes pride in their work and likes seeing the results of what they do? Do you have an eye for detail to keep a community safe and looking fantastic?

Did you answer yes to those questions? If so, perhaps you should be looking at Groundskeeper jobs. There are plenty of properties in Southern California that could use a Groundskeeper. 

Some people may have clicked on this post and wondered “what is a Groundskeeper.” Luckily for them, we’re here to help! Keep reading if you want to learn a bit about the job and what you’d need to succeed.

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Groundskeeping 101

A Groundskeeper is a jack of all trades that’s responsible for the outdoor areas of business and other facilities. Plenty of apartment owners and managers with multiple properties hire Groundskeepers to maintain their properties. 

Don’t think of a Groundskeeper as a janitor. Although it isn’t unusual for them to do custodial work, their work can involve painting, cleaning, minor repairs and tremendous interaction with the public.  Together this encompasses a comprehensive care plan for a community. 

Groundskeeper job duties cover a lot of outdoor work and expertise along with having the right mix of managerial and people skills. Your day might involve managing inventory, pest control, keeping the grounds clean through trash pick up, and managing employees.

There are two main benefits that come with starting a Groundskeeper career. For one thing, you don’t need a college degree to be a Groundskeeper. A GED or diploma is more than enough, and some college-level classes can put you over the top.

Another benefit is that people from different backgrounds can enter the field and excel. Some people may be used to working with their hands and enjoy gardening. Others could have excellent people skills and like being outdoors. Since the job involves so many different levels of expertise, there’s a lot you can do.

How to Exceed at a Groundskeeping Career

Now that you know a bit about what being a Groundskeeper involves, you may be thinking about making the jump into a new career. If you found yourself getting excited about a career in groundskeeping, there are some ways you’ll know if this is the right path for you. 

Do you want to know what it takes to be a great Groundskeeper? If so, take these things into consideration before you start your job search.

Have an Eye for Detail

The best Groundskeepers at Lewis aren’t just good planners, they are someone who can spot things that need attention that may not be a part of their usual routine. 

For example, one of your work crew members mention that they’re noticing a lot of peeling paint on one of the buildings. You take the time to investigate and notice that there’s moisture seeping into the exterior wood and damaging the paint and walls. 

There are so many situations where having an eye for detail can help. People that are meticulous and take notice of their environment can be successful Groundskeepers, help save building owners money, and most importantly keep residents happy. Your work makes a huge difference in whether people choose to continue living in an apartment community or not.

Be Great With People

When you’re a Groundskeeper you spend a lot more of your day interacting with people than you’d think. 

A resident may have noticed something they’re concerned about and want someone to take a look. You have to meet with the building management and owners about changes you want to make to the grounds. There’s another employee dispute that needs to be settled and people are looking to you for advice. 

If you want to be a successful Groundskeeper, you’re going to have to need good people skills. People that like working with others and have great communication skills can be steller Groundskeepers.

Level Up Your Maintenance Skills

People from a variety of jobs can excel at being a Groundskeeper. If you’re used to working in an outdoor environment of any kind, you could be in the best position to transition to this career. However, if you really want to be a successful Groundskeeper, you may want to focus on your maintenance, cleaning, and customer service skills. 

People that want to gain some experience before they apply for groundskeeping jobs may want to consider taking on some special projects. Ask family and friends if they have any yard work they want to get done or even look for some entry-level gigs.

It’s important to have the right expectations going into a groundskeeping job. Working some smaller jobs before you apply can help you hone your expertise and see if this is the right career path for you.

Love Team Work

Since groundskeeping is a job that involves several smaller jobs, working together as a team is important. There will be plenty of time to do tasks on your own, but while there’s a fair share of solo tasks you can do, you’ll find yourself working with others more often than not. 

It would take you days to re-mulch an entire apartment community on your own, but much less time as a team.

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Is Being a Groundskeeper Your Next Career?

Now that you have an answer to the “what is a Groundskeeper?” question, it’s time to take the next steps to make your career change happen. 

We’ve helped plenty of people find new jobs, switch careers, and take the right steps to find their dream jobs. Are you ready to start applying? Check out our open positions and see if there are any roles that interest you. 

If you land a career as a Groundskeeper at Lewis, you’d be one of the main reasons that people love living in a Lewis Apartment Community, and for that reason, we’d love to meet you!