The Lewis Group of Companies has a longstanding history of local philanthropy geared towards community building in the Inland Empire. As Executive Vice President Randall Lewis says, “when you are successful in a community, you have an obligation to give back.” 

To honor that core tenet, Lewis recently launched a micro-philanthropy campaign. Through the campaign, teams or employees can select an organization, cause, or individual they find impactful, meaningful, or have personal ties to and Lewis will contribute on their behalf. The campaign is built on the core pillars of targeting local organizations, building relationships to serve the greater population, and creating value through experience while upholding tradition of engaging with the community.  

The first selection of the initiative is the Haynes Family of Programs in La Verne. Since its inception as a residential center for young boys in 1946, it has grown into one of the largest and most comprehensive nonprofit organizations of its kind dedicated to helping children with special needs. 

The Haynes Family of Programs

Brett Meyer, General Manager of Homecoming at Eastvale, chose the Haynes Center because of his personal ties to the program, and his firsthand experience witnessing the program’s impact. “I suggested Leroy Haynes Family of Programs since my special needs daughter attends this school and I have come to know the staff and the work that they do there. They are truly a group of amazing people that make sure the most vulnerable members of our community, children with special needs and children at serious risk, are not just housed and schooled, but cared for and loved in a beautiful setting. My daughter has attended other schools for special needs children, and there is no doubt this family of programs is special due to the level of care they give wholeheartedly to each child in their school. The staff at the Leroy Haynes Family of programs are a true inspiration for me.”

We are pleased to learn that Brett’s contribution will go towards the Bliss Academy School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities. The gift will directly benefit current students with the skills needed to transition successfully into adulthood. 

If you have any questions, would like to learn more, or have an idea, please reach out to