Setting Sail With Each New Day: Meet Lauren Wright, General Manager

If a large residential community filled with hundreds of families can be imagined as a large luxury liner, then the General Manager is its Captain.  They set the course and culture of the community and stand watch over its operations, maintenance and beauty. One such captain at Lewis Apartment Communities is Lauren Wright, a dedicated Lewis employee and manager since 2008.

With the opening of our latest Lewis community, Harvest at Damonte Ranch, and other new development projects in the works for northern Nevada, we felt it was perfect weather to set sail and learn more about Lauren.

lewis-careers-employee-spotlight-lauren-wright-general -manager

Let’s meet Lauren!

What’s your role on the Lewis team?

“As General Manager of Northern Nevada Property Management, I’m involved in every aspect of the day to day operations of our two fabulous new Reno projects.”

What are you most passionate about in your Career? 

“It sounds hackneyed, but I’ve always thought I was put on earth to make things look beautiful. My greatest joys are to cause someone to smile, transform something drab into something elegant, create order from chaos. It’s immensely uplifting to do these things in full measure every day.”

What do you do for fun when you’re not at work? 

“Being aboard an ocean liner, falling under the thrall of the zephyrs of the sea, imbibing that incomparable cocktail of sea air and diesel fuel and writing about these travels. My new book, Posh, Memoirs From The Promenade Deck is a compilation of the travel stories I’ve written for Trends magazine since 2003.”

What is one project you are most proud of? 

“During the ten years I’ve been with Lewis, I’m most proud of working my way up from entry level leasing position to general manager and having had the opportunity to redecorate the models and clubhouses at both the Las Vegas properties and the models here at Harvest at Damonte Ranch.”

What keeps you coming to work at Lewis? 

“I came to property management by happenstance, after retiring from a lifetime in hotel design. Lewis gave me the opportunity for an entirely new career where I’ve learned a whole new set of skills and every day is a fascinating adventure. Turning on the fireplace, the mood music and lighting the candles each morning in our spectacular clubhouse is the perfect way to start a new day.”