Apartment Leasing Consultant

We all know that the real estate market is volatile and can go from good to bad or even ugly in a matter of months. However, did you know that the rental market tends to remain stable even when sales plummet? In a bad real estate market, potential buyers often decide to stick with renting for at least one more year.

Plus, California has more renters than the rest of the US on average (45% vs 36%), which makes it a great state for pursuing a career as a  Consultant.

What exactly, is the Leasing Consultant job description? And how do you know if it’s the right move for you?

Let’s take a look at what Lewis Apartment Communities Leasing Consultants do and what duties you’ll be expected to fulfill if you pursue this path!

Leasing Consultant Job Description

Leasing Consultants are members of the larger Lewis Apartment Communities management team. At Lewis, we ensure that each member of our team has a clear, designated role that they can grow into and learn about. We value our Leasing Consultants and give them thorough training because they are the face of our team and make a huge impact with our residents!

There are three main roles Leasing Consultants fulfill from day to day. Let’s break down what those roles are so that you can see if becoming a Leasing Consultant is the right career move for you.

Working with Prospective Residents

Every year, rental communities will experience some degree of turnover. When it comes time to start showing available units and meeting with prospective residents, a Leasing  Consultant gets to shine!

Working with prospective residents requires a thorough understanding of each property, their accompanying leases, and the amenities. A Leasing Consultant’s job is to schedule appointments with interested parties and show them around the property, answering any questions they may have. Ultimately, we want to focus on the benefits of our apartment homes while providing honest, straightforward information that will help a prospective resident make the best decision for them.

Signing on New Residents

After showing an apartment home to a few interested parties, a Leasing Consultant is bound to find someone who is ready to take the next step. At this point, you will provide an application for the prospective resident and inform them of any relevant policies or fees.

All residents go through a financial credit review before they are given a lease. A Leasing Consultant will see to it that this process is completed and review that information. Typically, a property manager will need to know a resident’s credit score, leasing history, current employment status, and more.

Once a customer passes their financial check, it is time to move into the signing phase. A Lewis Leasing Consultant will have access to dynamic leasing software to manage, edit and review a lease. It is important to go over the lease with the resident before they sign and to address any questions they may have.

Communicating with Current Residents

Leasing Consultants don’t just communicate with newcomers. They also get to foster relationships with existing residents, which is a great way to improve resident retention!

Throughout their tenancy, residents may submit maintenance requests. A Leasing Consultant will determine whether a request must be met by the property management. If the answer is yes, they will schedule an appointment for necessary maintenance, ensuring that the resident is available first.

Leasing Consultants will also handle disputes and broken leases, although these circumstances don’t arise often! For example, a Leasing Consultant may discover that a resident is subletting their unit when this is against the lease. It is then their job to communicate with the resident about their violation and find a solution to the problem.

From leasing period to leasing period, a Leasing Consultant will also notify current residents of any changes. These changes may involve the actual lease, or it may involve something with the property as a whole.

What Qualities Should Leasing Consultants Have?

In the world of home and apartment rentals, leasing is one of the most client-facing jobs there is. For that reason, a good Leasing Consultant should enjoy talking to people and possess strong communication skills.

Ultimately, Leasing Consultants are in a position not unlike sales. One of their biggest roles is speaking with potential residents and determining whether the residents and the property are a good match. In some cases, that may involve convincing a potential resident to stop their hunt for a place to live and make the decision to sign the lease the Leasing Consultant is presenting them with.

A good Leasing Consultant should also know how to navigate difficult situations. At times, they may have to deal with resident disputes or residents who are breaking their lease. Ideally, the Leasing Consultant will have a firm hand and the ability to deescalate tense situations.

Fortunately, a Leasing Consultant gets to spend more time helping people find their dream rental than dealing with difficult residents! If you are someone who enjoys making people happy, building positive relationships, and staying organized in your communications, you will make a great fit as a Leasing Consultant.

Does Leasing Sound Like the Right Fit for You?

Now that you know more about the Leasing Consultant job description, there’s one question left. Are you ready to make a career change and become a Lewis Leasing Consultant, yourself?

If so, Lewis Careers is ready to hear from you! We invest in every one of our team members and provide all the in-house training you’ll need to succeed. We have faith in your potential!

To get started with us, take a look at our career opportunities in leasing and sales. Learn more about our training program or dive right in and apply for an available position with Lewis Apartment Communities!