Leasing Consultant Brittany Rogers - Employee Spotlight

Meet Brittany Rogers, the Leasing Manager for Homecoming at Terra Vista. Having been with Lewis since 2007, Brittany has worn many hats and left a memorable mark with residents and employees across properties for her contagious energy.

Check out below to see what gets Brittany excited, why she’s stuck with Lewis for over 14 years, and how she stays busy outside of the office.


What do you do at Lewis and what does a typical day look like?

Brittany Rogers - Leasing Manager

Brittany: I am the Leasing Manager at Homecoming Terra Vista. I have been with the company for 14 1/2 years and in this current location for 12 1/2 years. My job is very unique because I do the same thing every day but every day is so different. I meet with my team of Leasing Consultants each day to ensure they are being supported, developed, and inspired. We talk about the traffic we see through the internet, phone and in person and strategize different ways to secure more leases and lease renewals. I manage my own daily tasks of monitoring our property occupancy, rental rates and resident retention all while adapting to the new policy changes that have come our way since the pandemic has occurred.


What has your career path looked like?

Brittany: I got hired with Lewis Operating Corp in 2007 as a Leasing Consultant at the Homecoming Eastvale Apartments. I quickly learned the ropes and had such a passion for helping people find a home and was promoted to the Leasing Manager at the Carmel Apartments in Rancho Cucamonga. A year into my Leasing Manager position I was selected for Homecoming Terra Vista which was going into a Lease Up of 241 units and have been here ever since. In 2014 I got to be the Leasing Manager of The Enclave in Rancho Cucamonga during a Lease Up as well.

What drew you to working at Lewis?

Brittany: I grew up in the Terra Vista Community of Rancho Cucamonga. My parents bought a Lewis Home in 1985 and I have always been a big proponent of the community, schools, and children’s programs in the area. I worked at 24 Hour Fitness throughout High School and College but knew that was not a place I wanted to build a career. After a brief stint at the LAPD Police Academy, I quickly learned that was not my passion either. Eager to get into the workforce an opportunity at Lewis presented itself and I could not have thought of a more fitting place for me to work. 14 ½ years later it has provided me and my family great opportunities and housing in a beautiful community.

How do you stay busy outside of the office?

Brittany: The thing that keeps me most busy outside of work is being a wife and mom of a 2 1/2 year little girl. I enjoy spending time with my brothers who live locally and exercising. One of my hobbies is planning events. I enjoy coming up with a theme and seeing it through until the vision comes to life. I plan events for my friends and family for fun and one day would love to have my own event planning business with my childhood best friend.

How did you get started with event planning?

Brittany: My own wedding was the first set of events that really sparked my interest in the event world. From my own bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding I realized how obsessive and excited I was about the execution and vision of all the small details. From their it spiraled into my friend’s events, my own baby shower and family parties. When I was in junior high and high school, I participated in ASB and realized that several things I learned then were easily applied the event planning process.

Any favorite moments with (hobby, interest, talent, etc.)?

Brittany: One of my favorite moments with event planning was a bridal shower I threw for my best friend in Malibu. She wanted a Moroccan theme and when the event was executed it was breath taking. My best friend and all the guests were blown away by the beauty and attention detail. Being able to make such an important event so special to someone is truly such a great feeling, very much aligned with the feeling you get when you find someone the perfect place to live.
Leasing Manager - Brittany Rogers Hobbies
Be sure to contact Brittany if you need a spark of inspiration for any upcoming events! And be sure to stay up-to-date with events at Homecoming at Terra Vista as there’s always something exciting on the agenda.