Jamie Snook - Lifestyle Director

Looking for a new job in the middle of a pandemic is not something Jamie Snook ever imagined she would be doing. And given her experience in events and hospitality—and how those industries were hit so hard—the job search was especially difficult. Her experience included working for a student travel company and coordinating events like Senior Grad nights. She also worked with Parks and Recreation on summer camps and after-school programs. With this in mind, it was important a job matched her passion for events and be something she would enjoy. So when she read the job posting for Lifestyle Director at Lewis Apartment Communities, she spotted a match. “It was literally my resume, my background,” Jamie said. “Finding Lewis was unexpected, and the job was something I had been looking for.”

Jamie is a Lifestyle Director at Lewis’ Homecoming Creekside community in Natomas, just north of Sacramento, Ca. She started with Lewis in August 2020. “Right now, I’m doing a bit of everything. I have always loved planning things, organizing things,” Jamie said. “I’m a list person; writing lists of all the things I need to do and fitting all the pieces into place. watching it come together.” The main function of the Lifestyle Director role is developing, organizing and managing events—large or small–for Lewis community residents. “When I meet the residents, I love getting to know them and creating relationships and seeing people enjoying themselves—that’s my favorite part.” Jamie had never worked in Property Management, but like most Lewis Lifestyle Directors, it wasn’t an issue. “I have never worked in property management before, but it has been very interesting learning that side of the business and doing research on new vendors and figuring out new events—and remote events to do during COVID”.

As for creating fun during a pandemic, let’s just say it requires a good amount of imagination and hard work. “Weird is the first word that pops into my brain,” Jamie said. “You think of an event and you get excited but then you have to stop yourself and think about how to do it. It makes you definitely think outside the box–How can this still be super fun, but at the same time keep it safe and follow guidelines.” Jamie made a good point when she said, “In way Covid is restricting your creative process, but in another way, it makes you more creative when you do your research and have flexibility to make your event shine.”

Della Bash

Many Lewis resident events require partnering with other businesses. “I like keeping it local,” Jamie noted. “I follow several Sacramento-based Instagram accounts and like seeing what they are doing, what they are posting and then reaching out with questions. I especially like family-owned local businesses, to help keep things in our community.”

One of those local businesses is Bella Bash Rentals, owned by Alma Williamson. We caught up with Alma and discovered that Alma started a new journey in the middle of a pandemic just like Jamie. She opened her company the same month Jamie started at Lewis: August 2020.

“It’s been an adventure,” Alma said. “I don’t know if it was an epiphany or something like it, but I wanted to start a new stream of revenue and provide more for my family. I stumbled across a company that was selling several items; big pieces, one of a kind stand-out items like photo booth trailers, beer tap trailers and other materials. And that was it for me.” Alma already enjoyed putting together events for her family and opening Bella Bash seemed a natural progression: “It’s obviously different during COVID, but people are still doing events and we’ve been busy. I love it.”

For Jamie, when choosing a business to work with, the key is customer service. “Alma was super helpful and explained things so well, even customizing things to what we wanted, sharing great experiences and suggestions.” For a recent event, Bella Bash provided decorations, tables, chairs, tents, lights, a photo booth and even a trailer featuring a variety of beer from local Sacramento breweries. And to top it off, “They even provided a cleaning person to maintain cleaning and sanitation guidelines during COVID,” Jamie shared, “assuring our residents safety and well-being”. Nice touch.

If you’d like to learn more about Alma and Bella Bash Rentals, check them out on Instagram or their website (bellabashrentals.com). And as for those of you passionate about events, hospitality and customer service—like Jamie–keep watching Lewis Careers for your chance to join the party. Stay healthy everyone.