My name is Carlos Hernandez and I am a Marketing Intern for the Lewis Group of Companies and an undergraduate at Cal State University, Fullerton for Cinema and Television Arts.

I can say working at Lewis was a fun learning experience that taught me to work independently and with a team. Everyday I would be assigned cool projects that would require me to research and write stories about Lewis team member success, about the philanthropic endeavors in the community, and new real estate projects.

These assignments allowed me to meet great people within the company, leaders in the community, and taught me to be creative in my field.

Learning Experience

Carlos Hernandez Lewis Marketing InternPart of the experience of working at Lewis was learning to manage marketing projects within a corporate environment. With help from my supervisors, Alex Polamero, Director of Marketing Automation, and Rosemary Boone, Marketing Coordinator, I was able to gain a better understanding for how to leverage content marketing to drive online web traffic.

When I first started Alex and Rosemary, taught me how to properly format a blog from start to finish. Then they taught me
how to generate traffic, improve our SEO, and convert web traffic to form leads on Lewis Group of Companies and Lewis Careers.

One of the most surprising experiences was learning how to direct and edit videos in ways that I had never done in college. I can definitely vouch for the idea that you learn more from hands-on experiences. With the many videos I have completed as an intern, I am now able to utilize proper camera angles and editing techniques through software like Adobe Premier to make my videos feel unique.


Even though the experience was fun, the challenges forced me to think outside the box. I was not fully aware of how much attention to detail was needed to produce a good story. Thanks to my supervisors, who consistently sat with me and discussed better ways to improve blog articles, I became a stronger writer.

Some of the other challenges came from my supervisors who always pushed me to create a new graphics for each video, which gave me the drive to always make sure my ideas were fresh and unique.


With all of this said, I would definitely recommend this experience. It was one of the most rewarding ventures I have taken in my career. From constantly being challenged by more work, to being able to see the end results, I can say I was able to grow in my knowledge and abilities.

My Blogs on Lewis Group of Companies

lewis group of companies marketing internship

My Blogs on Lewis Careers

lewis group of companies marketing internship

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