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Over the next five years, real estate development jobs will grow by 7%. The average salary is around $78,000 per year.

Maybe you have thought about a job in the real estate industry. Or, you have wondered about changing your career. You may even find real estate development to be the right path for you.

Read more about how to become a real estate developer and start your career today!

What Is a Real Estate Developer?

A Real Estate Developer is someone who manages or assists in developing a variety of projects that may include residential housing, retail shopping centers, office parks, industrial space, or resort/hotel developments.

A real estate developer may start a project by acquiring land and getting it ready for approval, planning, development, architecture and eventual construction. The career also may require presenting aspects of the project to city or county officials, the public, and any building partners involved. Once the project is approved, a developer may also be a part of architecture decisions, construction site management, landscaping, environmental work, street planning and much more.

A real estate developer can be a rewarding and lucrative career, with salaries ranging from approximately $75,000 per year, to over $500k depending on the scope of the project and the experience of the developer.

A real estate developer does not need to be certified, but usually has a college degree in a relevant field, or special certifications and training in areas such as civil engineering or city planning.

At a high level, what Real estate developers do is turn vacant, used, or sold land into dynamic projects where people can live, shop, play and thrive. At Lewis, one of the main things our experienced developers enjoy doing is creating spaces that blend into the communities where we do business, thereby creating a engaging, friendly and healthy space for residents and their families.

Real estate development is an exciting career track which provides many opportunities.

How to Become a Real Estate Developer

You usually need a Bachelor’s degree to become a real estate developer. Some real estate developers have master’s degrees, but others have become developers with a high school degree or GED.

Although it is not required, you could secure a Realtors Land Institute Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) credential or other training in areas such as Civil Engineering. For specific development careers, this kind of certification will be required. Credentials like these will help you develop knowledge of the field, so you may interact and work with other land planning professionals and partners.

Most real estate developers also build up at least five years of experience in the field. You will need to develop strong communication, leadership, and project management skills to work as a real estate developer.

Part of your job will be to speak with or present to City officials and the public, answering any questions or requests about the project or projects.

Real Estate Development Jobs

There are a variety of ways to enter into a real estate development career. Some of those paths could start with education and some could start with an entry-level position. All of these ways will help you gain experience in how real estate is bought, developed, managed and sold.

Middle-tier positions are the next level of real estate development jobs. Project Assistants, Project Managers, Land Acquisition Managers, Real estate Analysts, and Real estate Brokers are some examples of this level of career.

Top-level, or executive positions in development may include overall senior management roles of the project, such as Vice President, Senior Director or other form of title. Time, education, project experience and peer networking will help someone to secure one of these important positions.

As you can see, there are many different real estate development job opportunities. Other positions in this field include apartment leasing consultant and construction project manager.

It will be best for you to learn more about these career opportunities in real estate development.

Real Estate Development Careers with Lewis Group of Companies

To learn more about a career in real estate development, you can turn to a trusted name in real estate development: Lewis Group of Companies.

Founded in 1955, Lewis Group of Companies has developed over 57,000 homes and 10,000 apartments. Lewis Group has also planned communities and office buildings.

Lewis Group offers a range of jobs, including Commercial Development and Leasing and Land Acquisition and Development.

You can review different open positions on our Careers Page here. By clicking on a specific position, you will find more information about the role.

There is also a helpful search function that allows you to narrow down jobs by location and category.

In addition, it will be helpful to review the hiring process and frequently asked questions webpage to find out more about the recruitment process and the talent acquisition team.

You can also explore the site to learn more about entry-level jobs, and how Lewis Group is a great match for college students.

Retail Development, Land Development, and Multi-Family Development

Specialized career options may also be the right fit for you. Lewis Retail Centers, for example, is currently offering the position of Vice President, Retail Project Development.

This position entails supervising teams of architects and engineers in the project development process. This job is a senior-level position.

You may also find a project manager position with Lewis Planned Communities appealing. This is a middle-tier job that involves land development and residential projects.

You may find the Vice President position in multi-family housing interesting. This position is a senior-level opportunity that oversees the development of multi-family housing in California and Nevada.

Find Out More About Lewis Group of Companies

This real estate development article will help you find a position that is right for you in real estate development. Next, you should find out more about real estate development jobs with Lewis Group of Companies.

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