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Are you considering a career change? Looking for an entry-level career with potential to move up? Have you always wanted to spend more of your time outdoors? Do you want your job to be hands-on and keep you active? If so, then perhaps a career in apartment community Groundskeeping is for you.

With over 900,000 Groundskeepers positions in the U.S. understanding the ins-and-outs of groundskeeping is a must if you’re looking to work in the field. Let’s take a closer look at a Groundskeeper role, what you need to do to become one, and plenty more information to help you on your way to your groundskeeping career.

What is Groundskeeper - Lewis Careers

What Is a Groundskeeper

A Groundskeeper’s primary responsibility is to maintain the grounds of the apartment community, complex, or campus where they work. This involves making sure the grounds and community amenities are kept looking their best and kept safe for community residents, guests and employees.

Day to Day Tasks of a Groundskeeper

To better understand what a Groundskeeper does let’s take a closer look at some of the day-to-day tasks they have to carry out:

  • Provide property & grounds cleaning
  • Have various custodial/janitorial duties & handle light painting projects
  • Walk your community & maintain the grounds for attractiveness and safety
  • Most importantly, give residents & visitors your warm and personable, customer-service enthusiasm

These are a few of the most common tasks bestowed upon Groundskeepers. Each position will vary slightly based on the working environment you’re in. Be sure to take a look at the specific job description for each groundskeeper position.

Groundskeeper Earnings

One of the big questions has to be ‘how much can I earn as a Groundskeeper?’ A lot will depend on the company you end up working for, and whether or not you are employed privately. 

The average salary for a groundskeeper in 2018 was $29,000. The top-earning groundskeepers were earning almost $45,000. Some states pay better than others on average with Alaska being the best place to work if you’re a Groundskeeper! Here at the Lewis Group of Companies salaries typically range between $15-16/hour to start, not including your annual bonus potential and salary reviews.

What is Groundskeeper - Maintenance Crew

How to Become a Groundskeeper

Technically speaking you don’t need any formal educational requirements other than perhaps a high school diploma to become a Groundskeeper. To become a Groundskeeper the qualifications you need are based more on the specific knowledge about the job at hand.

Most of the specific skills you need can be gained through hands-on experience. As part of your role as a Groundskeeper, we also include any necessary training for your job.  And don’t forget you’ll need a good dose of physical endurance if you want to make this your career.  

Although there is no formal path to becoming a Groundskeeper let’s take a look at an example of a step-by-step path that could help you on your way to becoming a groundskeeper. 

Step 1: Gain Related Work Experience

Gaining work experience is an essential part of learning your craft. Entry-level positions in maintenance, cleaning and/or customer service is a key to gaining relevant work experience. Many of the Groundskeepers we have hired at Lewis have work experience in the restaurant or fast food business where cleaning, upkeep and customer service are a part of each work day. 

Having relevant work experience on your resume can be a strong benefit. 1-2 years of relative experience shows prospective employers that you’ve already done the things that they’re asking you to do.

Step 2: Prepare Your Resume

Once you’ve gained your work experience and qualifications it’s time to write your resume. Take into account the specific job descriptions of the position you are employing for. Tailor your resume so that your most relevant qualifications, skills, and experience are presented to your prospective employer. Practice your interview skills to make sure your personality, integrity and teamwork shine through.

Essential Skills for Prospective Groundskeepers

Although there are no formal qualifications needed to become a Groundskeeper, here are some of the soft-skills that will be essential for your new job as a groundskeeper.

What is Groundskeeper - Maintenance Recognition


We pride ourselves in a teamwork environment that fosters loyalty and friendship. Not only that but having a good team dynamic is crucial for job satisfaction and individual career development.

Part of your work involves good communication skills. This means being able to listen too. You’ll need to be able to encourage your colleagues and take their advice. 

You also should be able to provide support to your colleagues when they need you. This involves learning the strengths and weaknesses of the team so that you can work together more effectively and efficiently. 

An Eye for Detail

Having a good eye for detail is a must for the prospective Groundskeeper. Being able to spot anything that is out of place or in need of some attention will mean that your job as a groundskeeper comes more naturally.

If you focus on details and getting things right, then you’ll also be a great role model for your team.


There will of course be set tasks during your working day, but it’s important that our groundskeepers can take the initiative to find things that need doing without being told. 

Custodial and janitorial tasks are an ongoing priority. As a Groundskeeper, it will be your duty to identify work that needs doing and knock out those tasks by taking initiative.

Becoming a Groundskeeper

If you’re looking to start your Groundskeeping career we invite you to check out our open positions at Lewis Careers.

Being a Groundskeeper can be a rewarding entry-level career. It’s your opportunity to show your skills, initiative and teamwork. And here at Lewis Apartment Communities, we give you the opportunities and training to advance to other positions within our large portfolio of beautiful communities. Apply today!