Micky Ferguson Video Intern at Lewis Group of Companies

Who is Micky Ferguson?

Micky Ferguson is in the Lewis Careers Employee Spotlight. She is the Video Marketing Intern for Lewis Group of Companies and currently studies at Claremont McKenna College as a dual major in Government and Spanish. She creatively films, edits, and produces videos to support and leverage our marketing initiatives for Lewis Apartments, Lewis Careers, and other departments within the Lewis Group of Companies.

Micky has a natural talent for telling a story with ANY piece of footage and making it come to life. She attends company events and visits Lewis Apartment Communities to connect and talk to our employees to look for stories that inspire. Once she has an idea, she grabs her camera to capture footage that she will later weave together to tell a story that conjures meaning, emotion, and purpose.

She recently created her own website to publicize her work in video production and photography that resulted in a BOOMING college photography business!

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 Q & A

What do you like most about your internship? 

First and foremost, I love making videos. I’ve always been passionate about video-production and I’ve had so much fun getting creative and learning new production techniques here at Lewis. I also really like working with the team and my supervisor. They make it fun and they really encourage me and make me feel comfortable and confident.

What has been your favorite project so far at Lewis? 

My favorite project was definitely working on the Goldy Awards video. Getting to attend the Goldy Awards was awesome. I interviewed a lot of people about their experiences with the company, and it was great to know that the strong sense of community is felt throughout the entire company.

How has this internship helped you grow and think differently? 

This internship has given me the opportunity to tell the stories of Lewis employees through my videos. By doing interviews out in the field, I have strengthened both my interpersonal and camera skills. 

What opportunities have come as a result of your internship? 

From the moment I started working for Lewis, I was encouraged by my supervisor to create my own website and build up my portfolio. To be honest, I hadn’t even thought of doing this before. But I took his advice, and I am glad I did because it has given my work a lot of publicity. I have gotten a lot of business at school doing senior portraits, professional LinkedIn photos, and event photos.

What has been your most memorable moment since being here? 

After I published my personal website, my supervisor announced it during the Friday meeting as a big milestone for me. Everyone at the meeting congratulated me, and they visited the website to give me compliments and advice. The whole experience was very humbling. 


 Micky Takes our Videos to Another Dimension

Recently, Micky and the Human Resources department collaborated on creating more videos to creatively recruit candidates. Thus spawned the video “Escape Your Dead End Job“:


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Connect with Micky on LinkedIn and visit her website at www.MickyFerguson.com