Apartment Leasing Consultant Careers

Are you looking for a flexible career that allows you to help people?

You should take a look at becoming an apartment leasing consultant. There are many reasons why apartment leasing consultants succeed in their new careers, including a few surprising benefits.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through what an apartment leasing consultant is, and the top reasons you should consider this for your next career move.

Apartment Leasing Consultant of Lewis Careers

What is an Apartment Leasing Consultant?

Leasing consultants are apartment leasing agents who have gone through extensive training about apartment leasing, apartment management, lease agreements, and apartment amenities that differ depending on apartment size.

Leasing consultant jobs require strong personal communication skills, a positive attitude, daily sales and leasing interactions with prospective residents, and working collaboratively with a team. An apartment leasing agent must know a lot about successful sales interactions,  leasing an apartment, managing apartments, and contracts for apartments.

They must also be available to answer apartment leasing questions in person or by phone.

10 Reasons to Look for Leasing Consultant Jobs

Switching jobs to become a leasing consultant can be a big decision. But here are 10 reasons why it may be worthwhile for you:

1. You Are Looking for a New Professional Challenge

Becoming an apartment leasing consultant is ideal for anyone looking to do more with their career.

It’s a new environment that challenges you to develop customer service, sales, and marketing skills in order to be successful. You get to work with people from all walks of life, and you get to help people find a place to call home.

If you’re looking to make a difference, this might be the role for you.

2. You Care About People

As an apartment leasing consultant, one of your main roles will be to take care of the community you are responsible for. This means maintaining a level of satisfaction for current residents, as well as helping prospective renters find a place to call home.

When you truly care about people, this job becomes more significant. It’s not just numbers, quotas, and stats. You are dealing with real people and families; each with their own needs, requirements, and stories.

If you’re looking for a fulfilling role, a leasing consultant job with Lewis Apartments might be well worth your time.

3. You Will Lead Sales and Marketing Efforts

As an apartment leasing consultant, you will have the autonomy to implement sales and marketing methods to meet sales goals.

This gives you the opportunity to grow your own skills and develop a style that works for you and the residents you serve.

Most leasing agent roles have sales goals or major milestones to hit. So, being able to lead your own sales and marketing methods will help you move at a fast yet sustainable pace.

4. Competitive Pay

An apartment leasing consultant can make a good living as long as they are willing to put in the time and effort. When you lease apartments, you get compensated.

In order to be successful, apartment leasing consultants must have an excellent knowledge of apartment leasing, apartment management, apartment amenities, and apartment contracts. More than anything you must enjoy talking to people, learning about what types of things they need and want out of an apartment community, and walking them through how your community can meet their requirements.

If you are motivated by making money, have a competitive nature, and you are excellent at customer service, then this can be the perfect career choice for you.

5. You Will Have Tremendous Support

While leasing agents manage a lot of things on their own, they are still part of a team. Support and training are available to make sure you feel comfortable and can grow within your career.

It takes time to learn apartment management, apartment leasing, and apartment contracts. But having the support of a strong, collaborative team will enable you to succeed faster.

6. Lots of In-Person Interaction

Leasing consultants interact with apartment renters, apartment managers, apartment building owners, maintenance technicians, groundskeepers, and other apartment leasing agents in person. This includes face-to-face client meetings and presentations, team meetings, and training. Many people enjoy this type of interaction and relationship building.

7. Specialized Education and Experience is Not Necessary to Succeed

Apartment leasing agents don’t necessarily need to have a ton of experience or expertise to excel in this position.

This is because many apartment communities like Lewis Apartments have outstanding training programs to teach you everything you need to know while you are on the job.

Everyone brings different experiences and strengths to the team, and together you all learn faster from one another, your Supervisors, and your Training Team.

8. Helping People Find Apartments

Leasing consultants build community by helping people find a place to live.

If you like to help people, apartment leasing consultant jobs can be a great match. You can help people find the right apartment for their needs, and avoid traps like fraud and scams.

Apartment leasing consultants have many connections and pride themselves on understanding the local community. They talk to apartment management companies, building managers, and other leasing consultants. This makes it easy for them to share information about living in an apartment.

9. Learn About Different Types of Apartment Complexes

As an apartment leasing consultant, you help people find apartments. You can help with apartments for college students, luxury buildings, high-rises, and more.

It’s up to you where you want to start your apartment leasing consulting career.

10. Have Time for Your Outside Interests

Since the profession is flexible, apartment leasing consultants can spend time on hobbies, family, and community when they are not on the job.

This makes apartment leasing consultant careers appealing to people who have or want a family, school-aged kids, elderly parents, or other loved ones that need care.

This means it is possible to manage a full-time apartment leasing consultant career and still have time to volunteer, take a class or pursue hobbies.

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Start Your Apartment Leasing Consultant Career

There you have it. Those were the top 10 reasons to become an apartment leasing consultant.

As an apartment leasing agent, you can grow your professional career, make more money,  help people, and have time to pursue other responsibilities and passions.

If you’d like to learn more about open jobs as a Leasing Consultant, check out Lewis Apartments OPEN POSITIONS.