Finding a Great Work Culture

77% of adults consider what a company’s work culture will be like before they decide to take a particular job. Of course, this makes sense. If you’re spending most of your week at a certain workplace, you want a great work culture where you feel welcome and valued.

But finding such a company can be tough. Many places can try and reel you in with empty promises, only for you to be disappointed later.

The Lewis Group of Companies is different. They want you to love coming to work, and hope you’ll always feel like a member of the family. Keep reading to discover just how the Lewis Group has the best company work culture.

1. Great Training Programs To Help You Grow

You may have already heard about “upward culture.” But, if you haven’t, it essentially comes down to allowing employees the chance to move up in their job as they learn and grow. 

This process is great for both the employee and the employer. As an employee, you’ll get the chance to learn the skills you desire to earn more and gain more responsibility.

Your employer will get a team of highly skilled workers that they trust. It eases the burden on management and creates an atmosphere of equality. 

The Lewis Group of Companies believes that training employees to grow, adapt, and consider higher positions is an essential goal. We are proud of our promote-from-within culture, helping Lewis employees to achieve their workplace goals.

2. Safe and Trusting Work Environment

It can’t be denied that everyone wants to work with people they like. Of course, you don’t have to be everybody’s best friend. But knowing you’re walking into a workplace where you can have fun and get advice when you need it is a comfort to many employees. 

A good culture has benefits beyond simple comradery too. Today’s customer wants to know that the company they’re spending their money with treats their employees with respect and dignity. 

This is exactly what you’ll find within the Lewis Group of Companies. It is important that you feel connected to all members of your team. That way, you can rely on them to have your back. No company is perfect, but at Lewis we strive to get better and better, putting good company culture as an important piece of being a successful company.

3. Local Employability

In the past, becoming a global industry was seen as the highest goal for any company. But, with an increased cost of living and environmental issues, employing locally is becoming ever more important. 

The Lewis Group of Companies want to invest in local community and the people who know it the best. By becoming connected to this community through hiring the people within it, growth comes easily and organically and you will watch your area flourish. 

Keeping things local offers employees the chance to really work with what matters to them. When you care about something, you’re more inclined to want it to succeed. 

That’s why Lewis believes in investing in locality and the local people. Working in or near your home will make you want to improve it, and will help you and the company grow.

4. Invested Interest in Charity

You’ll have heard of (and been disgusted by) big companies who have no desire to help other people in any way. Working for these companies is draining, not only mentally, but emotionally. 

The Lewis Group of Companies are different. You’ll see how much work goes into giving back in an effort to help people live their best lives. Instilled with a sense of fairness and justice, you’ll find that working for the Lewis Group of Companies means you walk into work everyday with a purpose.

Charity is so important to Lewis because people are important to Lewis. After all, being invested in the local community means being invested in every part of it. So improving and helping areas that need it is of great importance. 

Kindness is a trait held in high regard at Lewis. This extends to the employees and to anyone who needs kindness in their lives. By joining Lewis, you’ll not only be helping yourself, but you’ll be helping to make the world a better place.

5. Great Communication Throughout the Hiring Process

The hiring process can be mentally draining. You can be waiting for a call from a potential employer that never comes. This can make you feel like you’ll never be able to learn from interviews. 

At Lewis, you’ll receive excellent feedback from the get go to make sure you’re always able to improve, even if you don’t get the job the first time round. Your time and effort is truly appreciated, so offering a transparent onboarding process is the least we can do. 

You’ll also have a clear idea of what your role will be, what will be expected of you, and the many opportunities for growth that will be made available. This can make deciding to join any career much easier, as you won’t be left in the dark as to what your future may hold.

A Great Work Culture Could be Yours in Just a Few Simple Steps!

If you’re looking for a great work culture, you’ll know that not everywhere can offer you everything you want. At the Lewis Group of Companies, you’ll be valued as a person from the hiring process and throughout your career. 

Say goodbye to Sunday night blues with a career at Lewis Group Companies. You’ll find an atmosphere based on trust and loyalty and a company that is always working to get better and better, helping you to develop you as an employee and as a person.

To find out more about the great careers available at the Lewis Group of Companies, have a look at our Open Positions page here. The dedicated Recruitment team will be sure to review your information and answer any questions and help you make the match between skills, passion and opportunity.