How to Become an Apartment Leasing Consultant in 2024

According to the Department of Numbers, nearly half of California’s population consists of people who rent their apartments or homes. As more and more people settle in the Golden State, the demand for rental units grows.

At Lewis, we have two goals. The first is to meet California’s increasing demand for housing. The second is to help people just like you start their careers in real estate.

Are you ready to start something new?

Reasons to Consider an Apartment Leasing Consultant Career

As a Lewis Leasing Consultant, your job will entail finding new residents for apartment homes, handling all the papers involving the lease, and providing excellent customer service. You will be required to build rapport with the residents and offer personalized services stipulated by the owners.

Here are five reasons to pursue a career as a Leasing Consultant:

  • Customer Service Is Your Passion: If you are a people person, being an apartment Leasing Consultant is a great fit for you. You’ll get to meet renters from all walks of life, and being customer-focused will accelerate your growth in this career.
  • You Crave Variety: Being a Leasing Consultant does not require sitting alone at a desk all day. Leasing consultants are usually on-the-go helping current and future residents. You’ll be solving new challenges and helping people make big life decisions. Every day is different. It’s a lot of responsibility, but it’s also exciting.
  • Your Communication Skills are Top-Notch: If you have strong communication skills, you will be able to navigate resident meetings and conversations with ease. It will be up to you to take something complicated like a lease and make it understandable to tenants of all backgrounds and renting experiences. You will also work with other qualified team members and often collaborate with supervisory, maintenance, and grounds team members to keep residents happy and the apartment community looking and feeling great.
  • Entry into Real Estate Without Risks: Other areas of real estate that involve investing or home sales come with inherent risks. Property Management is different. Leasing Consultants earn a base salary, annual bonus, and commission for their work.
  • You Love Sales: A background in sales, commissioned sales, or upscale customer service are valuable skills to help you succeed. Through your background of experience or through our Lewis Training opportunities, you could truly translate that background into a career as a Lewis Leasing Consultant.

How Do I Become a Leasing Consultant With No Experience?

If you’re considering making a new leap in your career path, that means that you’re a true go-getter. You’re ready to dive into something new and learn the skills that will open exciting and lucrative opportunities. We always welcome anyone with a can-do attitude and a desire to seize the day.

When you work with Lewis Careers, you won’t be diving in alone. We offer thorough training courses, mentorship, and hands-on experience to prepare you for Lewis positions that offer upward mobility and unbeatable benefits. All we ask in return is that you commit to learning as much as we commit to teaching.

Learn How to Become a Leasing Consultant in 6 Steps

Lewis Leasing Consultants are real estate professionals who handle all aspects of sales and apartment leasing. They take part in the daily functions of the business and report to a Community Manager or Leasing Manager. Some responsibilities include:

  • Making real connections with the people you meet
  • Showing the property to prospective residents
  • Negotiating and explaining the terms of the lease
  • Handling lease applications and processes
  • Conducting credit checks and financial verifications of potential tenants
  • Responding to tenant requests or needs

If that sounds like something that interests you, then follow the steps below to be on your way to a new career.

How to Ace an Interview for a Career in Apartment Leasing

From the get-go, your interviewer will want to know what brings you to the world of apartment leasing. To prepare yourself, think about what interests you about property management and real estate. Ask yourself how you hope to grow your career in real estate, and where you see yourself in three years.

Some employers want their candidates to come in with years of field experience under their belt. However, at Lewis Careers, we understand that everyone has to start somewhere. That’s why we offer a funded training program for all of our new hires. If you don’t have real estate experience, don’t sweat it. Instead, focus on how your previous sales or customer service experience will set you ahead of the pack.

Hard skills like computer skills and the ones you’ve gained throughout your education or previous work experience are also important. Soft skills, such as the ability to communicate or apply emotional intelligence in the workplace, are just as important.

Remember, apartment leasing jobs are customer-facing jobs. In other words, you are applying to become the go-between for future and current residents and the property management company they lease from. That means that more than anything, you need to be a people person.

There are a few ways to demonstrate your ability to work with people besides a strong track record in customer service. The simplest way is through your personality, enthusiasm, and smile. Treat your interviewer with kindness and respect. Smile, make eye contact, ask good questions, and express your enthusiasm! It’s simple advice, but it works.

Become a Leasing Consultant Today

Now you know the benefits, requirements, and skills of becoming a Leasing Consultant, we invite you to start looking for your next career at the Lewis Group of Companies,

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