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Did you know that 77% of people now prefer to rent properties, rather than buy?

If you want to be a part of the booming rental industry, there are tons of amazing careers in property management.

Working for a property management company provides an engaging, lucrative career. And no company provides a better workplace culture than Lewis Group of Companies.

If you are eager to learn all about property management and how to begin your career at Lewis, keep reading!

What Is Property Management?

Property management refers to taking care of rental properties and residents. You usually don’t own the properties yourself. Instead, you take care of them for the owners.

Your primary job duty is to ensure the property stays occupied and provides a wonderful living experience for residents in their new home.

General duties can include collecting rent, securing new tenants, maintaining the communities and amenities and providing the best in customer service to keep your residents happy. You will be in charge of maintenance issues and marketing. You will also deal with evictions, legal paperwork, and taxes.

60% of property managers work for a PM company like Lewis. When you work for a PM company, you take care of the properties that the company owns.

Property managers care for three different types of rentals:

  • residential
  • retail
  • office/industrial

Residential properties include any place where people live. This can include condos, apartments, and duplexes.

Residential can also refer to short-term rentals, like student housing or vacation rentals. Medical housing like a retirement home is a residential rental. Residential rentals even include government housing and trailer parks.

Retail properties are locations companies rent to conduct their business. This can involve buying and selling goods or services, entertainment, and dining.

Office and industrial properties are also rented by companies. These properties allow them space to manage their business, store assets, and produce commodities.

Types of Property Management Jobs

There are a variety of careers in property management. This is great news for prospective hires because there is a demand for many skill sets. Whatever your qualifications or area of interest, there’s a job that’s a great fit for you at Lewis.

If you excel in management, accounting, and HR, consider being a Community Director. This position oversees the other PM positions and coordinates with regional directors.

Night Service Managers deal with security and policy. They oversee the communities at night and enforce rules like parking regulations. Being able to calmly and courteously handle stressful confrontations is vital.

Maintenance Technicians are jack-of-all-trades handymen. They take care of plumbing, electricity, and general upkeep for your residents. Our dedicated Lewis maintenance and groundskeeping professionals work to provide community residents with exceptional service, all while enjoying the benefits of a teamwork environment.

If you specialize in sales and marketing, consider applying to be a leasing consultant. This enables you to find prospective tenants, “sell” the property and all its features, and close the deal. There are also opportunities to earn commissions!

As the Leasing Consultant, you represent the face of the company. Thus, great interpersonal skills are a must.

Is Property Management a Good Career?

The average yearly income for a property manager in California is about $116,000. This is a fantastic six-figure salary for an experienced Manager. And the PM industry is currently growing, making it a solid career move with a bright future.

A PM career enables you to solve a variety of puzzles every day, utilizing your skills in each situation. As a bonus, these skills are also transferable for different fields within property management.

Property management is a great career for anyone who excels in people skills, sales, and customer satisfaction. It is also a great job for those who know how to budget, analyze financial reports and turn a profit.

When you work for a company like Lewis, you are also assured of a fantastic work culture!

How to Get Experience

A high school diploma is often the only educational requirement for a job in property management. However, by building experience, you will gain access to more opportunities.

The quickest way to build experience is to start with a 4-year degree. Examples of property management degrees range from accounting or hospitality management. Earning a degree will give you thorough experience in skills valuable for property management.

Aside from a degree, you can also build real-world experience.

First, seek a career related to your current experience. This could include customer service, sales management, cash handling, security, custodial, plumbing, or front desk administration.

Then you move on to job-specific training. At Lewis, we provide free training courses. These advanced classes are both online and hands-on and feature leading field experts. You’ll have opportunities to find real solutions with your peers and practice what you learn.

As your comfort level and skill set grow, you can pursue the management job of your dreams!

Why Lewis Property Management

In addition to great training programs, Lewis offers outstanding compensation and benefits. This includes unlimited accrual of paid time off, and full medical, dental, and vision plans. We also offer great retirement savings plans and discounts on housing and shopping.

At Lewis, we hire from within, which encourages continuous growth and betterment. We commit to maintaining quality properties in attractive locations. Furthermore, we focus on tenant satisfaction.

Lewis is also dedicated to philanthropy, through our innovative new micro-philanthropy campaigns. Read about our recent project, where we support community organizations like the Purpose Parcel in this article.

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At Lewis, you can enjoy our fun, supportive work culture and amazing benefits. While managing Lewis properties, you’ll learn new skills and provide daily customer satisfaction. You can also earn a fantastic income!

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