How Do I Change My Career Path?

Like a lot of people today, you may be considering a change to your career path, maybe looking for something more fulfilling to do? Well, have no fear. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can take your current skill set and use it to your advantage.

Want to work with good people doing good work? Want to spend your days helping to keep beautiful apartment communities in your local area going strong? Then take a closer look at Lewis Group of Companies. From entry-level to advanced, Lewis offers career-changers a wide range of compelling opportunities.

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What Skills or Training do You Currently Possess?

Most of the in-demand specialty positions at Lewis, such as Project Manager or Project Analyst, require a college education and degree. However, great opportunities are by no means limited to university degree holders. In fact, training in a variety of skilled trades can also prepare you for employment with the company.

Professional tradespeople play an everyday role in helping our apartment communities maintain their high standards. The list of Maintenance and Groundskeeping specialists we look for includes plumbers, electricians, drywall contractors, and appliance maintenance experts. The Lewis Group of Companies also has a standing need for professional people to start as community Groundskeepers and Porters.

As for those with a degree or pursuing one, here are some of the majors that may make it easier to start a new career in real estate development, retail leasing, accounting/finance, or operations and Management:

  •      Marketing
  •      Civil engineering (especially with a focus in land development)
  •      Finance / Accounting (especially with a real estate focus)
  •      Hospitality or hotel management (great for sales & property management)
  •      Business administration

As for post-graduate learning, Lewis is also a great fit for people with a master’s degree in real estate development who want to pursue a career in Project Development.

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How Can You Use Those Skills to Your Advantage?

Whether you’re a degree holder or a trade specialist, you can leverage your talents in specific areas of work relevant to the Lewis Group of Companies. For example, marketers can join the ongoing effort to attract new tenants and advertise Lewis’ property management services. Business experts can help ensure exceptional operations, staff management and sales goals. And of course, land development experts and engineers play a vital role in the entire lifecycle of the real estate development process.

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Hands-on Skills & Entry-Level Careers

The same principles apply to skilled tradespeople. Plumbers, electricians, and appliance experts with hands-on experience lead the way in meeting the everyday requirements of our residents for property maintenance and repairs. Drywall contractors and painters are essential to the professional upkeep and curb appeal of new or remodeled property interiors and exteriors. Don’t have experience in the trades? Consider starting as a community Groundskeeper/Porter. Your great attitude, teamwork and eye for detail are what make Lewis communities so attractive. And with our promote-from-within Lewis culture, the opportunities for growth are yours to make.

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As you can see, the property management field is wide-open for career-changers from all walks of life and at varied levels of experience. With such a selection of positions, there’s no reason to feel stuck with a job you no longer enjoy. Just go to our Job Opportunities page to see open job positions and apply today.