The Lewis Group of Companies has been a landmark employer for real estate development majors for a long time. Providing opportunities for career growth at Lewis Jobs usually attracts real estate and land development professionals.

If you’re a college student looking for options, the Lewis Group of Companies can help. Here’s why Lewis careers are an excellent fit for college graduates.

Real Estate Majors Graduation

Plenty of Exciting College Real Estate Majors

The real estate industry is lucrative and brimming with career options for real estate majors. Real estate is an expansive industry open for all sorts of professionals to lend their expertise, whether it’s land development, project engineering, or property/asset management.

At Lewis, we recruit individuals with varying degrees and college majors. If you’re interested in working with us, the last thing to worry about is whether your real estate major is a fit.

Here are some of the best degrees for real estate majors for Lewis jobs:

  • Land Development
  • Civil Engineering
  • Property Management
  • Real estate law
  • Architecture
  • Overall Business Administration

Any of these degrees can set you up for a successful real estate career. You don’t actually need a real estate major to join the real estate industry, but some careers will require specialized education, such as Civil Engineering or Real Estate law.

Incredible Interning Options for Real Estate Majors

Experience is the ingredient that sets apart professionals in entire industries. Some experience under your wings can improve your chances of landing a lucrative full-time position with a real estate leader such as Lewis.

According to FinanceOnline, 60% of students have interned since 2013. 50% of students intern more than once before finding a full-time position with a company. An internship is a great stepping stone for any career.

A good internship will present you with new skills and opportunities that classes and college projects may not expose you to. Interns gain technical day-to-day knowledge within the industry of their choice. They also interact with professionals in a workplace setting, and develop those essential soft skills important to a team environment. Learning skills such as time management, adaptability, problem-solving and teamwork are just some of the pluses of the Intern experience.

Life as an intern at Lewis is one of a kind. You have all the tools and equipment to support your growth as a real estate professional. You’ll have supervisors helping you to maximize your ideas. They’ll make you feel part and parcel of our team by listening, valuing, and supporting your growth and learning opportunities.

A Clear and Transparent Hiring Process

The hiring process may seem insignificant but it can make or break your real estate career. 52% of recruiters say their top challenge is finding and retaining talent. And 77% of job applicants say they never receive feedback from recruiters after submitting their resumes.

It’s evident there’s a need for transparent hiring processes. This means keeping all real estate majors interested in a position and in the loop throughout the hiring and onboarding experience.

Your time matters. Once armed with the best real estate major in college, you’ll have a lot of work to do to find your first job. It’ll help if you know the job expectations early on and what follows after submitting your resume.

Lewis Careers has laid the foundation to help real estate majors succeed by joining us. Our hiring and onboarding process is designed to make sure we build a team rather than a team of individuals.

We ensure Lewis opportunities meet your career expectations way before you join us. We communicate our values and declare all the details in each vacant position to help you make the correct choice.

You’ll receive email updates throughout the hiring process about potential decisions. Make sure you prepare for interview success by visiting our information-packed website and blogs.

An Amazing Work Environment

Having the best degree in real estate is one thing. Working and succeeding as a real estate professional is another thing. Your work environment plays a massive role in whether you’ll enjoy your job and meet your career expectations.

Statistics show up to 50% of professionals quit their jobs because of burnout. And 76% of workers who don’t feel valued at work seek other opportunities.

Company culture is key to employee happiness. You don’t want to work in a toxic or unsupportive work environment. A collaborating culture fosters better workplace relationships and contributes to improved productivity.

The perception of a real estate work environment is a frantic, fast-paced, and edgy one. At Lewis Careers, we’ll invest in you and your growth to help you achieve your career goals. You’ll share experiences with other people and work with a listening team.

Tons of On-the-Job Training and Growth Opportunities

The best degrees for real estate majors can open your doors to a world of opportunities. But your success still depends to some level on your employer. Working for an unsupportive real estate company can slow you down and affect your career.

One of the top reasons people quit their jobs is if there’s no room to grow their careers. You can waste years of dedicated work without improving your skills if your employer is unsupportive.

After graduating with the best degree in real estate, you’ll need resources and opportunities to master the trade. As a Lewis Careers team member, you’ll receive dedicated training from our experienced team of real estate professionals. Founded in 1955, the Lewis Group of Companies has over sixty-five years of experience in the real estate industry, making our company an excellent place to grow your career.

It’s easy to plan your career path when you’re sure of your next step in your career. Lewis Careers’ culture promotes the growth of talents by promoting from within. Please apply now to explore our careers and maximize your real estate degree.

Invest in a Stable Real Estate Career With the Best Real Estate Majors

Getting out into the workforce can be intimidating when you don’t have a roadmap. Working at Lewis Jobs assures you of a stable real estate career.

Pick one of the best degrees for real estate majors for Lewis Jobs to begin an exciting career path. Learn about how you can get started today.